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Dr. Keith Brennan
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Dr. Keith Brennan grew up and currently lives in Sterling Heights, MI and is a long time member at St Jane's Catholic Church. He also got married to Cristina (Lock) Brennan at the wonderful St Lawrence (where Cristina has been a member since she was a little girl). He first attended Sterling Heights Stevenson then went on to get a Human Biology degree at Michigan State University.

Fitness and sports have always been a major part of his life! He grew up wanting to become a doctor and went to MSU planning on becoming a surgeon. At MSU Cristina came into his life and introduced him to Dr. Tim! He fell in love with the idea of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic and being able to help the body heal itself while also teaching people to live a healthier happier life. He felt it was something he has always wanted to do! So he moved to South Carolina to attend Sherman College and graduated at the top of his class. He says, "It is amazing to him how an adjustment can help so many people not only get out of pain but also feel stronger and have more energy and have a stronger immune system.

Dr. Keith's idea of wellness is to add in a healthier diet and some exercise to getting adjusted and then rest assured you will have all the main components to a long happy and healthy life! Dr. Keith and his lovely wife Cristina have a little boy, Colin, and are expecting another baby this October. Dr. Keith and Cristina are going to be using the Providence Hospital Birth Center and are very excited to bring up their children with chiropractic care from the time of birth!

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